Tour Guides


  • Alyssa

    Alyssa, Tour Guide Captain

    Hometown: Johns Creek, GA


    Fun Fact: 
    I love to explore new and exciting places!
    • Colin

      Colin, Tour Guide Captain

      Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Major: Mechanical Engineering

      Fun Fact: I played goalie in hockey growing up.

      • Rachel

        Rachel, Tour Guide Captain

        Hometown: Navy Brat! Too many towns to choose from!

        Major: Public Relations

        Fun Fact: I started speaking in full sentences at 18 months old. My first sentence was, "I want a cookie."

        • Abigail


          Hometown: Winston, GA

          Major: Biology: Concentration in Pre- Veterinary Medicine

          Fun Fact: I have two chinchillas and a kitten.

          • Aissata


            Hometown: Decatur, GA

            Major: Premedical Biology and Pyschology minor

            Fun Fact: I am from the Fulani tribe in Guinea Conakry.

            • Annaliese


              Hometown: Tyrone, GA

              Major: Theatre and Performance Studies

              Fun Fact: I enjoy dressing in historically accurate vintage clothing when not working.

              • Carnicia


                Hometown: Jenkinsburg, GA

                Major: Nursing

                Fun Fact: I danced for 15 years!

                • Jonathan


                  Hometown: Dong Nai, Vietnam

                  Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

                  Fun Fact: I have French lineage in my family.

                  • Kara


                    Hometown: Woodstock, GA

                    Major: Mechanical Engineering

                    Fun Fact: I play trumpet in the KSU Marching Band!

                    • Keeley


                      Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

                      Major: Business Management with a minor in Gender and Women’s studies

                      Fun Fact: I hope to move to London, England after graduation to pursue a corporate career in hospitality management.

                      • Mary Beth

                        Mary Beth

                        Hometown: Warner Robins, GA

                        Major: Public Relations

                        Fun Fact: All of my Instagram captions are either pick up lines or dad jokes.

                        • Nikolas


                          Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

                          Major: Spanish

                          Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

                          • Rodrigo


                            Hometown: Dalton, GA

                            Major: Biology Major (and Applied Mathematics Minor)

                            Fun Fact: I love playing soccer!

                            • Ryan


                              Hometown: Hollywood, FL

                              Major: Mechanical Engineering

                              Fun Fact: Since coming to Kennesaw State, I have played 5 different sports.

                              • Seth


                                Hometown: Shiloh, GA

                                Major: Mechanical Engineering

                                Fun Fact: I am a member of KSU’s Club Baseball Team.

                                • Taylor


                                  Hometown: Dallas, GA

                                  Major: Mechanical Engineering

                                  Fun Fact: I was a part of the 2017 and 2018 Orientation Teams for KSU as an Ignition Leader and Ignition Student Director.

                                  • Wilson


                                    Hometown: Statetsboro, GA

                                    Major: Public Relations

                                    Fun Fact: I can play guitar.